1. Challenge what we are conditioned to BE and DO


government success pathway


2. Challenge how we are taught to survive and “Live”

  • Be an Employee and work for someone else
  • Start a Small Business
  • Leverage Big Business
  • Invest once we have money (or often don’t)




3. Who created the 40hour work week anyways?

  • During the Industrial Revolution, factories needed to be running around the clock so employees during this era frequently worked between 10-16 hour days. In the 1920s however, it was Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company, that established the 5-day, 40-hour work week.
  • Has our world changed? Do we need to look at this?

work rest play


4. The truth is that most people work more than this.

  • 85% of people in the USA work in a job they hate going to.

9 to 5


5. Time is limited and a non-renewable resource

  • The Average life expectancy globally is 71 yrs. (WHO Global Life Expectancy)
    • This represents 37, 313, 600 minutes of life and breathe
      • 621, 960 Hours
        • 25, 915 days
          • 8638 days are spent sleeping
          • This means that 17277 days are spent awake
          • Awake, does not necessarily mean conscious, present.  “You cannot wake a person who is pretending to be asleep” Navajo Proverb.

steve jobs dogman


6. Consider what to do in the 40/40/40 Plan

  • The average person works 40hours per week, for 40weeks a year for 40years
  • In the scope of the average person who is alive 25, 915 days
  • Where 8638 days are spent sleeping
  • This means 11,200 days are spent “at work”
  • leaving 6077 days for Living Life.
  • How many of the 6077 days have lived to it’s fullest so far?


steve jobs work


7. Perhaps we need to revisit the 40 hour work week?


4 hr


8. Find your purpose in life


work lifestyle 2


9. There is No RISK in searching for what you love


whats the risk alan watts


10. Keep looking, don’t settle for less than happiness




11. Do what you LOVE doing, not for the money


job dont do it for money


12. Know that It is not about making and saving money


making and saving alan watts


13. Get 11,200 days back by doing what you love.


job confuscious


14. Work then becomes play


work is play alan watts


15. Passion breeds energy, it brings flow and ease.

passion is energy

16. Alignment will leave your legacy for the world


profession and spirituality van gogh


17. Trust your heart, gut to connect the dots forward



18. Chase Happiness

A message from children to future children