We Measure What Matters

We at fillyourcup have partnered with the B Corp to measure our company’s social and environmental impact. With the value of transparency and walking our talk, we have shared our full report for you to view.

There are 3 steps in this assessment and I highly reccomend that any business owners out there, take the time to measure their impact in this world. Think about what legacy are we leaving for our children and future generations. There are some thought provoking questions that may bring up ideas and issues that you are not yet consciously aware of as a founding director or as a team

Step 1 – Assess

> Our companies initial score in 2016 is 79.8

This Assessment will walk you through a series of questions to help you learn what it takes to build a better business – better for your workers, community, and the environment.

Takes ~30 mins to get a quick snapshot

Takes ~2-3 hrs for a full impact report

Step 2 – Compare

> The Average traditional business score is around 39

> Honourees/Concious businesses creating a better world have a business score around 120.

> fillyourcup > as a new business we see that we have some work to do. However 2016 is our founding year and we will use this platform as a measurable way to show the people that partner with this platform that we too are concious and walking our walk.

Compare your answers to thousands of other businesses and see how you stack up.

You will receive two types of feedback:

Quick Snapshot
A simple look at which questions your company already excels at and which practices it could improve on

B Impact Report
A more holistic look at how your company scores across multiple questions related to the same impact topic

Step 3 – Improve

Our 3 major areas for improvement are in the pictures above. We are committed to improving this as our platform develops over the next decade.

Create a customized improvement plan for your business and use our free best practice guides to help you implement.

Click the button below and give the assessment a go yourself.


B impact Assessment